Daniel Haggett

London based Lighting Cameraman / DoP

It is rare that you see a film as beautifully shot as The Danish Girl.  I recently watched this at the cinema.  I felt like if I paused the film at any point and printed off that screen shot, I could hang it on my wall.  The whole thing is just unbelievably beautiful.


The tailer flashes through the shots so quickly you hardly get a chance to take them in, put you get the general feel for it.

The film was shot by Danny Cohen, who also shot The Kings Speach and This is England.  It was filmed with the Epic Red Dragon using Arri Master Primes.  The Master Primes are super fast at T1.3  There are huge sections of the film that are shot with this tiny depth of field.  Beautiful portraiture with eyes pin sharp and nose and ears in smooth out of focus bokeh.

The film is also full of amazing composition.  Great shots making use of reflections or shooting through objects to give soft focus framing to the images.

The colours in general are fantastic.  The rooms are often painted with bold but mutted colours that low light that is so often present in the European north.