Daniel Haggett

London based Lighting Cameraman / DoP

I love filming interesting architecture.  I find good architecture fascinating and I like the challenge of bringing a 3D space to life on a 2D screen.  The video below is actually a photography "how to".  The photographer uses a flash gun to add interesting texture and light.  He then stacks up several layers of photos and cuts in the details he needs.   So what is a photography video doing on my cameraman blog?  Essentially you could create the same thing with video, rather than using a flash you would just use many small lights (such as dedos) the only additional challenge would be in hiding all the cables.  The reason I think this works well as a tutorial, even if you are shooting video, is that it is easy to see the effect each light makes.  As each light is added you can see the effect it has in the overall picture.  


In this type of situation I would possibly shoot 2 layers, the first for an interesting sky, and the 2nd for the lights that are being switched on around the building.  I sometimes shoot 2 versions of a shot in case the editor wants to cut in a plate, especially if I am shooting a timelapse.  More than 2 layers and it probably gets a bit much for an editor to be messing around with, so I would hope to light the building all in one go.  Obviously, you are going to be restricted by the number of lights you have at your disposal.   On architectural type programmes there may not be time to light every shot, however, I would say the one master shot of the house it is probably worth while.  The full article can be found here.