Daniel Haggett

London based Lighting Cameraman / DoP

When I first plugged in my new TV Logic VFM-056W the image coming out of my 7d was very different from that showing on the back of the 7d LCD screen.

In order to get the output of the monitor as close to that coming out of the actual camera itself, I recorded a few seconds of footage, uploaded it onto my imac and compared this to the live view coming out of the TV logic monitor.  There are 3 user profiles so you could play around with the monitor to match it exactly, but I found the highest kelvin number on the monitor of 9300k to work pretty well.

I also found that you can scale up the image by 10 percent to better fill the monitor screen, whilst still just about keeping all the relevant data on screen.  Rather annoyingly this setup is lost each time you turn the monitor off, so I have hot keyed the function button to access the scale menu to get this 10 percent zoom in quickly.