Daniel Haggett

London based Lighting Cameraman / DoP

If you don't feel like paying 100 dollars or more for a DSLR monitor sunhood, check out this free DIY option.



DIY Sunhood for DSLR monitor

I recently bought a new TV logic VFM-056W HD monitor for my 7d.  A sun hood is absolutely vital if you are shooting outside, without it you can hardly see a thing.  When I bought my monitor the shop didn't have the right sun hood for it, so in the mean time I decided to make my own.  I just wrapped a bit of the cardboard box my Redrock rig came in around the monitor, cut some holes for the HDMI cable and the screw fitting and then taped the whole thing up in black gaffer tape.  Ok, it doesn't look great, and I probably won't be taking it on too many shoots where clients need to be impressed, however, the sun hood from TV logic costs about £100 and this works just as well!